Municipal Tax Appeals

Under normal circumstances, every five years each Connecticut municipality undergoes a revaluation of its real property values for the purpose of the calculation of annual real estate taxes. A higher value on your property will result in a higher tax. Municipal tax assessors often make mistakes which result in erroneously high tax assessments, causing unfairly high taxes. Are you paying too much real estate tax or personal property tax? Every Connecticut property owner and business owner should carefully examine the tax assessment of his property and consult a tax attorney if that property assessment appears too high. As an experienced tax lawyer, Attorney Rubino can represent you if you are paying too much real estate tax or personal property tax to your Connecticut city or town due to an unfairly high valuation of your real estate or personal property. He will negotiate with the Office of the Tax Assessor, file and pursue an appeal with the local Board of Tax Review and, if necessary, file and litigate a tax appeal in the Connecticut Superior Court in an effort to reduce your tax assessment to a fair level under the law. He is thoroughly familiar with the municipal tax appeal process and can help you get fair treatment for your property taxes.

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