Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Partnerships

When you decide to begin a small business you will want the limited liability and organizational structure that are available through one of the several business organizations that can be inexpensively formed under Connecticut law. Selection of the correct business entity for your small business requires knowledge of tax law, contract law and business law as well as experience in representing small business owners. In Connecticut, an entrepreneur must choose between a corporation, limited liability company, partnership, sole proprietorship and variations of those entities. Complex issues relating to limited liability, state and federal tax laws and contract law must be considered in selecting a business entity. Attorney Rubino has been advising small business owners for thirty-two (32) years and has the knowledge and experience required to guide you in the establishment of your business. He can also advise you in ways to legally minimize your tax burden and in the decisions you must make to grow and maintain your business. He will help you establish a business succession plan to allow your family to benefit from your hard work after your retirement. He can help you with the following in Connecticut business entity issues:

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