Employment Agreements

A solid employment agreement is the foundation of a sound financial future for a high level corporate employee. When a talented employee commits to work for a corporation, he or she often sacrifices other lucrative employment opportunities. In today’s world of corporate buy-outs, mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations, a talented and productive corporate employee can be faced with the loss of employment due to forces beyond his or her control. When an employee decides to commit his or her career to a corporation it should only be done after negotiating a written enforceable employment agreement which memorializes the deal as the employee understands it. Topics typically covered in employment agreements include compensation, stock options, bonuses, vacations, expense accounts, company cars, pension vesting and other retirement plans. Employment contracts can provide severance pay which will allow an employee to make an orderly transition to the next phase of his or her career.

Each employment contract is different and the provisions of each contract will depend on the facts and circumstances of each particular case. You need an experienced attorney to negotiate and draft an employment agreement with your employer. Attorney Rubino is experienced in negotiating and drafting employment agreements and can help you negotiate and draft an employment agreement which will protect your interests and allow your career to prosper.

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