Limited Liability Companies

The Connecticut limited liability company, also known as an LLC, has become the business entity of choice for Connecticut small business because of it’s simplicity, versatility and flexibility. The LLC is a business entity which combines the limited liability characteristics of a corporation with the tax-free characteristics of a partnership. Like corporations, the owners of an LLC are generally not liable for claims against the LLC. Like a partnership, the LLC itself is not a taxable entity. An LLC can be managed by the owners themselves or by an appointed manager or group of managers. An LLC which has two or more owners must file a federal partnership tax return. However, a solely owned LLC does not have this requirment and can be disregarded for tax purposes. The business activities instead are reported through Schedule C in the sole owners federal income tax return.

If the LLC has two or more members, the member should execute a limited liablity company operating agreement which is drafted by an experienced lawyer. Attorney Rubino is experienced in the operation of limited liablity companies and negotiating and drafting limited liablity company operating agreements and can protect your interests in entering into membership in a limited liability company.

Although limited liability companies are tax free “pass-through” business organizations for federal tax purposes, they are subject to the Connecticut Business Entity Tax and are required to annually file Form OP-424 and pay the annual tax of $250.00 to the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services.

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