Administration of Decedent’s Estates

After the death of a loved one the last thing a person needs is to face the daunting task of dealing with the probating of the last will and testament and administration of the estate. The situation is even more complicated and stressful where the decedent never executed a last will and testament, resulting in an “intestate estate”. The selection of the right attorney to handle your probate matters can make the difference between a painless, cost efficient process and an expensive, time consuming ordeal. Selection of the right estate attorney can often preserve family harmony by concluding estate administration in a timely manner. Of course, a probate attorney should be competent in estate administration in Probate Courts. However, a probate lawyer should also be proficient in a number of other areas of the law such as tax law, litigation, real estate, trust law and business law. A knowledge of these areas of the law is essential since they are often involved in estate administration. If your probate attorney lacks a working knowledge in one of these areas of the law, it can mean extra legal expense in hiring an additional attorney to handle some aspects of your probate matter.

Attorney Rubino is experienced in Probate Law as well as the areas of tax law, trusts and estates, litigation, real estate and business law. He will efficiently guide you through the Probate process and deal with any of the various legal problems which can arise in the estate administration process.

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