Income Tax Return Preparation and Amendments

When your income tax situation is complex, you need the personal attention of an experienced tax lawyer to carefully prepare your state and federal income tax retruns. Attorney Rubino has 32 years experience preparing complex tax returns for individuals, estates, trusts, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. He is familiar with Federal and Connecticut income tax laws and filing procedures and can ensure your compliance with current tax laws, while taking advantage of all legal means to reduce your tax liability.

Federal tax laws have changed rapidly in recent years, a pattern which is likely to accelerate in years to come. Involving a tax lawyer in the preparation of your tax returns can benefit you and your business in a number of ways. Most people are not aware of the benefit of having a tax lawyer prepare their returns. Not only will your returns be prepared by an experienced tax attorney, but Attorney Rubino will be able to alert you to potential problems and obtain a detailed knowledge of your business which can be the basis of future tax, legal, business and estate planning advice from him. In addition, if there are any disputes with the Internal Revenue Service Attorney Rubino will be in an advantageous position to defend you and your business before the IRS or in United States Tax Court. You will also have the protection of the attorney-client privilege for communications between you and Attorney Rubino concerning your case.

It is important to remember that it is your right as a United States citizen to plan your affairs in a way which minimizes your taxes as much as legally possible. An improperly prepared or incomplete tax return can prove costly in that it may result in tax penalties, interest charges, or even IRS audits of multiple tax years. Attorney Rubino will prepare your return accurately and promptly in order to minimize the possibility of any of these problems.

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