IRS Audits

The Internal Revenue Service has an aggresive program of auditing taxpayers. Audits are conducted for various reasons. Some taxpayers are selected for audit at random through the use of criteria developed by the IRS. However, some audits are motivated by apparent irregularities in a return which interests the IRS. Still others are motivated by third party “whistleblowers” seeking to earn a reward. If you are selected for an IRS audit you have a right to be represented by a competent tax lawyer. Attorney Rubino can accompany you to an IRS audit to ensure fair treatment under the law. Attorney Rubino has 32 years representing clients in tax matters and he will vigorously defend your position in event of an IRS audit. Further, the results of an audit are not final and can be appealed within the IRS and even taken to the United States Tax Court of United States District Court.

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