Conservator of the Person

A Conservator of the Person is a person appointed by the Probate Court to take control of the personal affairs of another person who the court has found is not competent to handle his or her own affairs or who has voluntarily agreed to the appointment of a convervator of the person. The conservator of the person has the duty of the general custody and control of the conserved person and must provide for his care, comfort an maintenance, The conservator of the person also controls the place of residence of the conserved person, may give medical consent and has the duty of care of personal effects. The court supervises the activities of the conservator of the person and requires an annual report from the conservator. The appointment of a conservator of the person is a time consuming and expensive process. It can be avoided if a durable power of attorney or a spinging power of attorney and health care instructions had been previously executed. Attorney Rubino can assist you in taking steps to avoid the need for a conservator of the person However, if a conservator of the person is necessary Attorney Rubino can help you navigate the probate court process in an efficient and cost effective manner.

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