Long Term Care Insurance

A large percentage of Americans will require some form of long term care in their later years. Since this care is expensive, providing funding for this care is an onerous task. Long term care insurance can provide funding for long term care. Therefore, long term care insurance is an important part of any estate plan. Depending on the language of the policy, it can provide for the payment of the expenses of a range of long term care needs, including nursing home expenses and home health aides. Before buying a long term care policy, it should be carefully reviewed to determine if it suits your needs. For Connecticut residents, it is important to determine if the policy is a Connecticut Long Term Care Partnership Policy. If so, the purchaser will be able to protect one dollar of his assets for each dollar the policy pays out. Therefore, at the point where the insurance benefits paid equals the value of the assets of the purchaser, the purchaser may apply for Medicaid benefits to pay nursing home expenses without being forced to spend down his or her assets. Therefore, a Connecticut Long Term Care Partnership Policy can help you protect your estate and pass it on to your children. Attorney Rubino is knowledgeable in the area of long term care insurance and can help you select the right product for your needs.

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