Nursing Home Expenses

Most families avoid placing relatives in a nursing home wherever possible. But nursing home care is sometimes necessary. When a patient enters a nursing home in Fairfield County they often initially pay the nursing home charges out of their own pocket. This is commonly referred to as admission on a “private pay” basis, it can cost the patient up to $12,000.00 per month, quickly dissipating his or her assets and most of the assets of the community spouse. Consequently, assets protection planning is wise to consider before a crisis occurs. Before entering a nursing home, the nursing home will require that an admission agreement be signed by or on behalf of the patient. They sometimes require a “responsible party” to sign in addition to the patient. There are serious issues of liability inherent in these admission agreements, such as the duty to promptly apply for Medicaid assistance and to take all actions necessary to gain Medicaid eligibility, a complex and time consuming process. Before the patient or anyone else signs an admission agreement, it should be reviewed by an attorney with experience in this area. Attorney Rubino regularly deals with nursing home admission agreements and can help protect you in this complicated process.

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